To keep our clients in the comfort and convenience afforded by HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning), Refrigeration and Appliance technologies affordably.


To gain a keen understanding of our industry and its technologies, particularly regards to our local climate, and transform this knowledge into service value for our clients.


Service Excellence, Reliability and Trustworthiness, Responsibility and Accountability, Technical Innovation, Technological Leadership, Social Responsibility and Investment

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We specialize in the installation of all brands of HVAC, Refrigeration Units and Appliances. We work with a variety of units and equipment suited to different environments, climates and structures. We also optimize our product for both domestic and commercial markets. Taking advantage of our pipeline, we design our installations to be specifically tailored to all our client’s needs including budgetary constraints. The ultimate goal is to provide solutions that provide clients comfort and convenience in whatever environment they are in.

Proper maintenance of all equipment is imperative to keep it working at peak condition. The efficiency and capacity of any piece of machinery is directly related to the frequency and quality of service implemented on it. We offer servicing, maintenance and tune-ups for our client’s equipment based on their unique needs. This will not only save energy and associated costs but increase the equipment’s life span and save on costly break downs

We strive to promptly return our clientele to normalcy economically when disturbed by unforeseen breakdowns. We are passionate about all machinery we deal in and constantly working to understand the challenges it overcomes functioning in different environments and from the wealth of knowledge we have gathered from experience over the years we pride ourselves in the ability to diagnose and repair most problems clients will be exposed to with their equipment and offer advice on how to best use it to avoid problems recurring

Misuse contributes largely to the volumes of break-downs, inefficiencies and high utilities in our industry. We are dedicated to giving our clients 27/7 support and assistance that will allow them to get the most out of their equipment. All installations , service and repairs come with a comprehensive guide on how the client can move forward without hustle.

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With the lockdown slowly coming to an end, we know how much of a challenge it can be to get your restaurant running again without any hiccups. That's why we are partnering with restaurant owners like you with a free equipment check, to make sure everything is running smoothly for a great re-launch. This check is completely free!!!

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Try Our Lockdown Re-Opening Special

The last thing you want is to have your equipment fail you on your relaunch. With our special, you don't need to take a chance, we can send through our qualified technicians to diagnose all your equipment for common problems that occur after extended periods of no use, for complete peace of mind. This check is absolutely free!!!

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we evaluate the full extent of the problem considering all pertinent information and design a unique solution for the client

Report & Feedback

give detailed outline of assessment and recommendation and negotiate the finer points with the client i.e. price and schedule

Implementation & Monitoring

proceed with conducting work for the client and consistently liaise with the client to ensure it performs to standard

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