About Efficient Technicians

Who we are

We welcome you to the one stop solutions provider in repairs, maintenance and Installations. We deal with all manner of appliances, from your kitchen (cooking and clean-up) to laundry and heating (heaters, geysers, radiators and furnaces). We also deal in heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems of all forms and sizes, for the home, office and industry.

Our services are comprehensive including assisting clients with best practices for using their equipment optimally for longevity. You can call upon us to help you upgrade your current system or tune it up for peak performance.

In all the we do, our efforts are guided by these values:

  • Service Excellence
  • Reliability & Trustworthiness
  • Responsibility & Accountability
  • Technical Innovation
  • Technological Leadership
  • Social Responsibility & Investment

And of course, the complete and uncompromised satisfaction of you, the client

Our Strengths

The heart of our operation is our people committed to innovation and uniqueness, to constantly change the way things are done and rise to any challenge. Having recognized that no organization can ever have enough of this, we have dedicated ourselves to harness the beauty of as many minds as possible by going above and beyond hiring the best, to consulting, and cooperating with as many individuals as possible, to ensure the biggest of your problems get solutions from as many of the brightest minds.

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To deliver the best service to our clients, we, as a second party installer, should stay abreast of developments in the developments of the manufacturers of their equipment and this necessitates a strong relationship to be built with said manufacturers. These relationships give invaluable insights on the best parts, problems to look out for and such. They also yield favorable pricing and discounts, value which we transfer to the client.

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We are a very fortunate to be part of an industry dedicated to continuous self-development. Many institutions and bodies are dedicated to research and many publications are released to share this knowledge. We are committed to staying ahead of these developments giving our clients the entire industry has to offer at any given time.

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Our Skills

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