HVAC, Refrigeration and Appliance Services


We service and repair all brands of appliances including Samsung, Speedqueen, Defy, Whirlpool, LG, Sony, Russel Hobbs, KIC, Sharp and a lot more. We connect smart appliances professionally, ensure no leaky plumbing or faulty electronics. We also refurbish your old appliances, leave them looking and working as new. Some of the appliances we deal in include;

Washing Machines
Tumble Dryers
Dish Washers
Coffee Makers
Food Sealers
Kitchen Appliances


We specialize in refrigeration equipment for the household and business. Our products include custom refrigeration fittings, cold rooms and freezer rooms for both domestic and commercial use designed to fit any space, budget and need. Some of the equipment we deal in includes; Beverage Coolers, Under Bar Fridges, Display Fridges, Cold Rooms, Refrigerated Vehicles, Telecom Shelters, Pharmaceutical and Lab Equipment, Fridges and Freezers, Ice Makers.

Commercial Refrigeration

Large scale refrigeration of food and beverages for resale or of industrial, medical and pharmaceutical items

Domestic Refrigeration

We are experienced in all brands of home refrigeration equipment including KIC, Whirlpool, Defy, Samsung, Imperial, Hisense, including modern technologies such as ice makers, water dispensers and smart fridges.


We install, maintain and service all brands and sizes of air conditioners, to keep the very hot summers and the very harsh winters comfortable. We advise you on the right sized units for your environment to make sure affordable running costs, and we advise our clients on best use to make sure their units last longer. Many clients make a mistake of installing oversized or the wrong type of unit for their environment and our consultation services will get you started on the right track.

Environmental Air-Conditioning

Primarily used to control temperature and humidity in living spaces, typically used to manage environmental comfort in homes, offices and industrial spaces

Industrial Air-Conditioning

Primarily used to control temperature and humidity in industrial structures, typically used in the telecoms industry to cool server rooms and ICT towers.


We have heating solutions for living environments as well as cooking. Some of our heating products include; Stoves, Hobbs, Industrial Ovens, Ranges, Heat Pumps, Environmental Heating. We promote technologies that harness natural power such as solar to enable our clients to save on utilities.


  • Stoves, Hobs & Ovens
  • Kitchen extractors

Environmental Heating

  • Heated Floors
  • Heated Pools


Good ventilation means the difference between a fresh open space feel in an environment and that stale atmosphere in many establishments. Our technicians have the knowhow to give you optimal air flow in any space. We harness Mother Nature to save you on energy consumption while delivering the best comfort. Our hygiene services clean your entire ventilation system ensure that it is not redistributing harmful allergens and disease spreading bacteria. Our understanding of airflow dynamics in various environments enable us to advise you what system work best for any sized space.


As a business or household, you might not have the money to spend on new appliances when old ones start to show their age. In such a case, you might be better off showing the old ones some TLC. Thanks to Efficient Technicians' reconditioning and deep cleaning, we can replace all essential parts slowing the machine down, clean all the nooks and crannies to restore the hygiene standards, and finally, polish and buffer the outside, leaving your machine not only looking but also performing as well as the day it was first plugged in.

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With the lockdown slowly coming to an end, we know how much of a challenge it can be to get your restaurant running again without any hiccups. That's why we are partnering with restaurant owners like you with a free equipment check, to make sure everything is running smoothly for a great re-launch. This check is completely free!!!

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Our services in a nutshell

Broadly put, our firm deals in climate control technologies, aimed at providing controlled environment comfort. The goal is to heat or cool the air in a defined space and improve the quality of air by removing odours, controlling humidity and removing noxious gases. We also deal in all manner of appliances for various uses in households and industry

Have your equipment deep cleaned

Have a technician dismantle your Appliances, HVAC and Refrigeration equipment and de-contaminate beyond the surface.

Restaurants should consider how this service can allow them to attain their standards of cleanliness by identifying and cleaning areas that are beyond the reach of their employees. Fun fact: most restaurant ice has been proven to be more contaminated than the water in the toilet bowls of the same restaurant, the explanation, toilet bowls are cleaned more often.

Can your company or household afford to invest in this? For a product offering so many benefits it easy to get overwhelmed and assume it is beyond your economic reach, but contact us for a quick quote and you may be surprised by our affordable solutions. The real question is: Can you afford not to?

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We know your equipment ranges from a luxury to an absolute necessity, and when it breaks down, we’ll be there to get you up and running at the speed of light

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We have built our business on the trust existing between us and our clients and will continue to nature and grow these relationships with value centered service

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The inconvenience of breakdowns often extends to financial setbacks, that’s why our first commitment is getting you back up without breaking the bank

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On the matter of assessments

We like to have a thorough understanding of the problem before we quote you to avoid seesawing between prices once the project is initiated, hence we request to do a thorough assessment of the problem before quoting.

Because time can be of the essence, we can give an estimate based on your best description, but these may be subject to slight changes.

We do quotes for insurance purposes and will honor that quote when you receive your pay-out